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Shocking Benefits Of Almond Coconut Milk

Hey! guys nice to see to here, let’s discuss Benefits Of Almond Coconut Milk: Today, more than ever, there is a variety of alternatives to milk. From milk to ice cream to cheese, it’s becoming easier to take traditional milk products out of your daily diet. Whether you’re lactose-intolerant, allergic to milk, or have just decided to live a dairy-free life, there’s no need to fear the milk section of your local food market.



When we are talking about milk, both almond and coconut milk are the most popular and easily accessible. While the variations between almond milk vs coconut milk may seem obvious, there’s more to it than just the ingredients. Knowing how they’re made, the nourishment facts and advantages of almond milk vs coconut milk can help in making a decision that best suits you and your daily diet.



Almond milk and coconut milk both are lactose-free and also vegan alternatives to cow milk. Almond milk can be a little bit grainy and is produced from perfectly ground almonds mixed with the water. Coconut milk is made out of the ground flesh of coconut soaked in water and has a much higher fat and vitamin content than almond milk.



Benefits Of Almond Coconut Milk


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  • Aside from being a fantastic option to milk, almond and coconut milk have a fairly nice list of advantages. Almond milk is without any cholesterol and its fats are what ensure it is heart healthy. Also, almond milk is great in Vitamin E, which is an anti-oxidant that battles against free radical damage.
    There is also 50% more calcium in prepared almond milk than dairy milk, and it is known to help aid in weight-loss.


  • Coconut milk is beneficial in nourishing the digestive lining, helping to improve gut health. It also contains acid that is great for energy and electrolytes that help replenish your body.





  • Almond milk is low in calories, especially in its unique type without any tastes. Silk’s unsweetened original is the way to go at just 30 calories per 8 oz. glass, but the regular original is still only 60 calories. Unsweetened flavorful almond milk is also a fantastic option for coffee creamers, and is still low in terms of calories with 30 vitamin consumption per serving.


  • Coconut milk in its best type tends to have fairly great numbers on the vitamin scale.
    At 552 calories per Large servings, it’s fairly great vitamin. Don’t let that scare you, though because many coconut milks found in stores are less than 100 calories per serving. This is because they are damaged to remove some of the fat, lowering the calorie count.



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Now that you know the guide to these two “milk,” you no longer have to go nuts in the food market choosing between almond milk vs coconut milk. Both are fantastic milk alternatives with advantages and nutritional value that will are excellent improvements to your daily diet.



Make Your Own

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Both almond milk and coconut milk are easy for making at home by first soaking nuts or coconut skin overnight in the water. What’s promising about both kinds of milk is that there are no artificial colours, tastes, or GMOs added to the standard formula. Of course, flavorful options are available, but that’s where the nutrition value comes in. Read more about benefit of almond milk 


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